May 30, 2020

Saturday 5/30
For time:
65 tuck jumps
65 push-ups
65 air squats
65 toes-to-wall
65 lunges
65 sit-ups
65-second hollow hold
65 burpees 
Happy birthday, Kathleen (and Alex)!


  1. Did this WOD partner-style with the birthday girl. We did 2 rounds, trading off after 5 reps and both completing the hollow hold. 32:48. Happy birthday, Kathleen! Thanks for spending some of your birthday with me :)

  2. Happy birthday Kathleen!! I didn’t see this until I was finished, did the Comptrain workout: on the 5:00 x 6 rounds: 10 single dB C&J, 400m run, 100m single dB farmer carry w/20# db.

  3. Thanks Justine for the awesome workout and always pushing me! Thanks for the birthday wishes. And Happy Birthday to Alex who shares the same birthday!

  4. Thanks Justine for all you do! Glad you enjoyed the awesome workout Kathleen!