May 1, 2020

Saturday 5/2
“Double Time”
For Time:
3 Mile Run
Every 3:00, stop to complete:
9 Burpees + 21 Air Squats

Workout starts on the burpees and air squats.


  1. Kathleen and I adapted this to be a partner WOD. One of us ran 400-m while the other completed an AMRAP of the burpees and air squats, then we switched. We each completed 8 rounds (2 miles of running) and finished in 44:54 :) Thanks, Kathleen!

  2. Did this as a partner workout with Justine. One of us would run 400 M and the other would do AMRAP of 9 burpees and 21 air squats. We did a total of 8 x 400M and I completed almost 2 full sets of burpees & air squats each time. 44:54. Thanks Justine for kicking my butt every Saturday!!

  3. Come and join us next week!!

  4. I was planning to join you last week and it didn't work out! This week I had a scheduled meeting. Way to work together you guys!

  5. 51:26 for 5km. Did this one at the track and after a few laps I switched to ‘run a lap, then do the burpees and air squats’ so it was more like every 4 or 5 minutes.

  6. Did a slightly different version of this. Rowed a 5k and did 9 burpees and 5 banded pull-ups every 3 minutes. Finished in 38:55