Getting Started


Try it Today!

If you are local, and thinking about coming to a class in White Salmon, great! Here you can add yourself to our online scheduling system, as well as, retail yourself the introductory 3 free workout sessions.

You have 14 days to use the 3 free classes. To add yourself, click on the link below. You are a FIRST time user. Choose a user name and password of your choice, and then click on the Membership tab on the top right of the screen. In the smaller drop down menu, just underneath the main menu, select: try it free, then select 3 FREE intro classes at $00.00...! That's it! Play around with our online scheduling system. This is where you purchase memberships, renew memberships, purchase personal training, gift certificates, pre-register for classes, cancel classes (1 hour advance notice), ect... It's simple! Use the "members sign in" link on the right to log in to class! There is a MINDBODY app for Iphone. check it out!