Alex Riley - Owner and Level 1 CrossFit Trainer 
Level 1 Certified Coach. Mobility Movement Certified. Gymnastics Certified. Olympic Lifting Certified. "I grew up in White Salmon, Washington, then shortly after high school moved to Bend, OR, where I lived for 5 years. This is where I was introduced to CrossFit. Now, I can't imagine life without it. I love the outdoors, friends, family, anything involving snow, and mostly long walks on the beach and cuddling by the fire." Alex Riley

Jeana Ladiges - CF-L2, Manager

I grew up in the Gorge and my husband and I also run a cattle ranch, where we raised our two sons. I have been coaching high school and community youth athletics off and on since 1987, and I was also a National Strength and Conditioning Association,Certified Personal Trainer. I have been involved with a variety of sports and programs throughout the years, and when I tried CrossFit in 2011, I LOVED IT! Specifically, I felt empowered because the workouts can look intimidating and there were times I didn't think I would complete them. But the beauty of CrossFit allows us to scale to skill levels that are attainable and still varied. I obtained my Level 1 in 2013, my Mobility Trainer Cert in 2014 and my L2 in 2016. The people I have met through CrossFit are my second family. This experience has changed my life! You should come give it a try too! ~ Jeana

Justine Ziegler - CF-L1
My husband Jeremy and I started CrossFit at CrossFit Mt. Adams in the summer of 2011. We had seen the classes many times while doing our own workouts at the gym. The loud music, the high intensity, the supportive atmosphere ... we knew we had to try it! After just a few WODs, we were hooked! I'm now a proud mommy of our two young kids, having maintained my fitness through CrossFit throughout both pregnancies. 
Since age 4, I've been an athlete. I've participated and competed in a variety of sports including gymnastics, soccer, basketball, softball, and middle-distance running. I found my passion in high school when I stepped onto a tennis court. I went on to play collegiate tennis at the Division III level. I'm competitive, and I love to push myself to be better. That's why I love CrossFit! It tests your limits, shows you what you're made of, and trains you for just about anything life throws your way - whether it's a three-set tennis match, a hike with friends, or just bending over to pick up your kids. Come see us at CFMA. We'd love to share this with you!

Declan Liddiard - CF-L1
My 5th/6th grade teacher told me about CrossFit when I finished 8th grade. She told me about the workouts and how amazing the community is. So I started to come to CrossFit between my sports: Cross Country, Wrestling and Track. Because CrossFit is Constantly Varied Functional Movements, it helped me in all of my sports, and also in life. I am a three time state qualifier in Cross Country, and I am sure that CrossFit had something to do with it. CrossFit has also helped me be able to go on a long run with friends and then go help a neighbor move a couch, because of the varied workouts. After only a year of CrossFit, off and on, I knew I wanted to be a part of this community and help others achieve their goals. So the moment I was old enough to sign up for a Level One Trainer Course, I did. I passed the test this summer and started coaching. My 5th grade teacher was right. This community is amazing, and I hope you come and try it out!